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Adreon Patterson
2 min readJan 12, 2019

Getting back into the groove of things has been both exhausting and joyous. Being in the final stretch, I’ve been a mixed bag of emotions as I focus on my work and prepare for post-graduation life. This quarter has become make or break for me.

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Working on other projects outside of my thesis has allowed me to test myself as a writer. Rewriting is a process a writer has to take from time to time to find the core of original work. I found myself going back and forth between moments of creative joy and draining mental exhaustion. Whittling a 45-page screenplay to thirty is a hard task in itself but starting over is another beast. I’ve found myself battling back and forth over the direction of the story and the characters. After a while, I created a loose outline for me to follow which made the process easier. Hopefully, this rewrite will be the foundation for my life as a professional content creator. While the rewrite has come into focus, my thesis still needs some tweaking and adding for it to be perfect for consumption. But I have some things in the works (keep watching this space).

Besides writing, I’ve gone back and forth with various visual projects (watch this space for more in the coming weeks). After finishing some character designs, I’ve focused more on concepts for potential series projects. I spent the past week getting back into the balancing act of school, work, and life. Experimenting with social media marketing this week has had profound results for this website (so a big thanks to my new followers).

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After resting up this holiday season, I’ve dived into this quarter head first. Before this quarter is over, I will have a full screenplay ready for the next phase of my journey.

Come back next week for more on my journey to creating my Master’s thesis.

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