How to Have Your Best Creative Summer

Adreon Patterson
3 min readJul 18, 2023


High temperatures. Long and sunny days. Ocean waves. Fun outdoor activities. The season is prime for creatives to live their best art life. This time is your chance to grow and expand your creativity by leaps and bounds. The advice below may work for you in making this Summer the best creatively!

Change up your scenery

Sometimes, working in the same space can stifle your creative juices. Changing up locations may be the solution to get them flowing again. It might be as simple as going to a different corner of your studio. Other times, you must escape and mingle amongst your fellow citizens or creatives. You can sit in another area in your home, at a local coffee shop, or have a lovely day at the park. You can even make it a meetup with friends or loved ones to spark more artistic inspiration.

Collaborate with other creatives

Warmer weather always brings out the collaborative spirit amongst creatives. Before jumping into a collab, think about the person(s) you want to spend time with. Discussing with them can make or break if you are the right fit. Joining forces with another artist can yield more comprehensive projects that are time-consuming alone. It can be beneficial for all parties.

Seek some mental rejuvenation

Every artist needs to take a breather — mentally. Creating every day can be draining after some time. Those moments may require you to take a short break. What do I do with a break, you might ask? You can listen to some music or an audiobook for inspiration. Sip on some water or your favorite drink while practicing mindfulness on a brisk walk. Being surrounded by absolute silence can work when either meditating or practicing yoga.

Learn a new skill or technique

Spring and Summer are the prime times to expand your creative palette. Sun and hot temperatures can move you to learn a new skill or technique. Maybe you’ve been thinking about exploring another artistic field. You can attend some classes at your local college or community center. If you’re more of a homebody, you can type some interactive online courses or watch some creator-centric videos. Remember to pace yourself — Summer is just the start of your new art journey.

Create new experiences

Of course, leaving your space or learning a new skill can help expand your artistic horizons. However, there’s nothing better than having new experiences to keep those creative juices flowing. Making new memories can inspire the artwork. Taking a long road trip. Visiting a museum. Rocking out at your favorite music star’s concert. Going to a book reading. Attending a local festival or celebration. All these and more experiences can stoke those creative fires.

Take what you need from this advice to make this the most creative Summer of your life.

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